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With the geofences function in our all-in-one telematics portal cargofleet 3, you can define areas about which you want to be informed in detail.

You define an area on the map using a polygon you have created yourself (e.g. a customer's factory premises). cargofleet 3 remembers when the vehicle has entered the area, how long it has been there and when it leaves the area again. The dispatcher can always display the current position or set the settings so that a message is sent when the vehicle enters or leaves the defined area.

Or if you are transporting valuable goods: in cargofleet 3, you can specify that the trailer doors may only be opened in this area. If the doors are opened outside the area, an alarm with a time and location stamp is automatically sent to the defined recipients. Alternatively, the door locking system can also be controlled from the control centre. In this case, the doors can only be opened via the cargofleet 3.

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