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Secure your freight with the digital seal

All data at a glance

idem telematics provides a comprehensive programme for securing your loads starting from order placement up to delivery.


All goods intact to destination

The trust of your customers is a valuable asset. You will only gain it when you can deliver entrusted goods completely and undamaged to their intended destination. idem telematics provides a comprehensive programme for securing your loads.

Advantages of the digital seal

The digital seal invented by idem telematics combines the advantages of a conventional seal (secure verification) with those of software (controllability, reusability). The best thing about it: Because the digital seal is invisible, “unfair interested parties” are not awakened to desire.

Alarms to secure the load

You will be alerted as soon as a vehicle reaches a certain area, leaves it again, moves away from the specified route (Geofencing) or when someone gains unauthorised access to the load. In order to prevent this from happening in the first place, protect your goods against unwanted access with a locking system..

Focus on
the essentials

Find out where your vehicles are and how they have moved.

All-in-One Telematics Platform

cargofleet 3

You can see where which vehicle is currently located in the map view. It is also therefore possible to create areas and be alerted as soon as a vehicle enters or leaves an area.

Driver App – Tablet

Clear and complete tour data enables the correct transfer of freight with simultaneous documentation of deviations or damage.

Driver App – Telephone

Detailed order data ensures that the right freight arrives at the right recipient. The driver documents the condition of the freight directly in the App. This enables improved verification should damage have occurred during transport.

Case study

“Today we handle more volumes with better quality, have a higher utilisation of our vehicles and increase the satisfaction of our customers, who now have access to real-time information about their consignments”


Increase transparency, efficiency and security through digitalization of transport and logistics