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GDP compliant: maximum security and safety for your sensitive loads

All data at a glance

Use the right data in order to bring your temperature-sensitive freight to its destination in a verifiable and correct manner.


Guidelines compliant in storage and transport

The European Guideline for Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requires correct, professional storage and transport. It obliges shippers and forwarders to monitor and document the pharmaceutical cold chain with complete traceability. Therefore use our telematic solution for HGV and trailers. It controls the temperatures throughout the entire transport chain in accordance with the guidelines.

Reliability for medicine transport

The EIPL certificate verifies the reliability of the telematic system especially for service providers in pharmaceutical logistics. They are effectively supported in ensuring the quality of medicines during transport and storage. The connection to a locking system prevents manipulation, contamination or theft and significantly increases the security of the transported freight.

EIPL certificate for installation and function

In cooperation with EIPL, idem telematics also provides a certificate that certifies correct installation and GDP compliant functionality. If you have open questions regarding the EIPL certificate or the GDP qualification, then idem telematics will be happy to provide you with the necessary answers and provide GDP training when required.

Focus on
the essentials

With a certificate provided from an independent service provider, you can verify the correct installation and GDP compliant functionality of your telematic devices.

All-in-One Telematics Platform

cargofleet 3

Temperatures and statuses for the refrigeration unit in important displays as well as detailed representations.

Driver App – Tablet

The driver and dispatcher receive alarm messages when limiting values are reached or defined statuses are deviated from.

Driver App – Telephone

Trailer data in the cockpit, even without an on-board computer installed in the HGV.

Case study

“The seamless monitoring of sensitive goods represents an extraordinary challenge and we require uncompromisingly reliable technology. The advantages of telematic simply convinced me. We were very well advised by idem telematics and, in addition, the products were tailored exactly to our needs.”


Increase transparency, efficiency and security through digitalization of transport and logistics