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Highest-possible quality, safe, secure and on the shortest possible route

All data at a glance

idem telematics supports refrigerated transporters by bringing sensitive fresh goods from A to B quickly and safely on the quickest route and by having an insight into all important data.

Seamless verification of the closed cold chain

All temperature data in the loading area is promptly transmitted to the control centre, alarm messages are generated in the event of deviations or exceeding target temperatures. Particular attention is paid to the verification of the closed cold chain. This is made possible by the temperature recorder function of our telematic system, which is approved according to EN 12830.

Effective protection against unwanted access

The temperature data from up to eight sensors is stored as a back up at two locations and provided with a time stamp: In the telematic on-board computer and in the control centre. In addition, all temperature data is digitally signed by the terminal device. This way, manipulation or falsification of the data can be excluded. Digital monitoring of the door or tail lift also protects the freight from unwanted access.

Quality management according to IFS and HACCP

Ultimately, seamless end-to-end processing and documentation of the transport process assists to fulfil the European quality management guidelines of IFS and HACCP and thereby guarantees compliance with legal requirements for consumer protection in the foodstuff industry.

Focus on
the essentials

Monitor and document the cold chain seamlessly, certified according to EN12830, also with your own temperature sensors. In order to fulfil this, use the temperature data of the cooling unit or temperature recorder. All temperature curves are always available on-line and you can be conveniently alerted in the event of deviations. Measures are implemented when required. Furthermore, you can also save yourself the expense of a classic temperature recorder.

All-in-One Telematics Platform

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Temperatures and statuses for the refrigeration unit in important displays as well as detailed representations.

Driver App – Tablet

The driver and dispatcher receive alarm messages when limiting values are reached or defined statuses are deviated from.

Driver App – Telephone

Trailer data in the cockpit, even without an on-board computer installed in the HGV.

Case study

“We can, thanks to this technology, meet very many of our customers needs. These also include, besides tracking the routes that our trucks run during daily distribution, safe monitoring of the cold chain as well. Moreover, we access the remaining driving times, kilometres and tachometer related data.”

Increase transparency, efficiency and security through digitalization of transport and logistics