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Tailor-made telematics solutions

All data at a glance

Secure yourself innovative and reliable telematic systems without the costs of in-house development investment.


Tried and tested telematic with your trademark

Irrespective of whether your company produces HGV´s, trailers, construction machinery, service vehicles or, for example bodywork, we can provide you with our telematic systems as an OEM variant. You can therefore position your “own” telematic solution on the market or hardware and software appear with idem telematics logo as visible brand telematic.

Adapted to the needs of a wide range of customers

State your requirements and we will be able to include them in our white label solution. Challenge us with the specification and development of telematic systems, communication servers, terminal device software, MMI and portal solutions/back-end solutions as well as the analysis and evaluation of big data.

Benefit from 25 years of telematic experience

The industry is constantly developing, every day provides new opportunities. Telematic also means in this environment: Always learning new things. We have been managing innovation processes for two decades, as well as integrating new technologies. You can also rely on the expertise which we have gained in successfully equipping over 60,000 units.

Configure your own individual telematics solution

Irrespective of whether this relates to a HGV, trailer, interchangeable bodywork, distribution vehicle, construction machine, private vehicle or superstructure – we can provide a perfect telematic terminal for your requirements. Also as a white-label product as it fits perfectly into your product range – so you can also benefit from it with your customers. We can respond to your individual needs. Talk to us!

All-in-One Telematics Platform

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Existing standard elements can be flexibly combined as required. We can, of course, also provide an individually tailor-made telematic solution for you.

White Label Solutions

You are welcome to provide our end devices under your brand name and thereby expand your own product range. On request, we can also develop suitable telematic terminals for your company requirements and industry-specific requirements.


„Telematics will help our customers make their vehicles even more profitable.“


Increase transparency, efficiency and security through digitalization of transport and logistics