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In just over 100 days, all newly registered vehicles and trailers must be equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS). This is regulated in UNECER141.

But what are the benefits of this regulation?

The TPMS alerts drivers to problems with #tyre pressure, helping to prevent accidents and providing real-time data directly into the cab! It's all about increasing the safety of our drivers on the road.

The right tyre pressure makes the tyre perform better and last longer, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.This means smoother and smoother journeys for our drivers, better punctuality for our customers and lower costs for the company.

The right tyre pressure optimises fuel efficiency, reduces costs and makes every journey a step towards a greener planet.So we're not just implementing a regulation - we're making every journey safer and more environmentally friendly!

Interested? We would be happy to tell you how compliance with UN ECE R141 can be realised. Feel free to contact us.