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Everything under control without constantly having to take a look

Our alarming function in the cargofleet 3 telematics portal gives you the certainty that all data is in the green zone, even if you don't check it personally.
The cargofleet 3 does this for you! You can set target values, e.g. for temperature data, vehicle data, tyre pressures, etc. If these set values are exceeded or fallen short of, an alarm is sent to defined recipients. This can be done by email, SMS or telephone. Of course, alarms are also displayed in cargofleet 3.
But alarms can also be set during the processing of tours, e.g. if schedules cannot be adhered to or if doors on the trailer are opened in an unauthorised area.

As you can see, all data can be monitored automatically. All data is saved, archived and can be consulted if required.

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